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  • AGIS "Data Protection Office"(r)

    I suggest to discuss if it wouldn't be a good idea that AGIS hires a data protection officer and offers the service to our schools.

    I think there are many specific things in school data protection to have an eye on but these things are probably very similar among our schools that it would make good sense, bring synergy effects and the know-how of the DP officers would develop in a direction we as schools want it.

    If you just think of the ADV (allgemeine Datenschutzvereinbarungen) we will need from all the software companies we are working with. An overall data protection officer could ask for these ADVs for all schools using a certain software like ManageBac with one request. At the moment we will start x separate requests!

    The moment for a service like that was never better. After every school has done it's job on its own the advantage will be smaller but still so big that we should really investigate it.

    It also makes a big difference if the official data protection officer of an association like AGIS is taking to companies like Google, Faria, Follet, etc. than each school itself.

    Last, but not least as a side effect we would get a really good overview about all the tools our schools are using.

    I think the idea makes very good sense in my eyes and the data protection officer(s) could be payed by the schools directly and would make turnover for AGIS as well
  • ISA is using Stefan Haugg, Ingenieurbuero Smischek GmbH & Co. KG, http://www.smischek.de
    We are very satisfied as well.
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